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What is GuruFlare?

GuruFlare gives you an easy way to share your hobbies and talents with locals, 1-on-1, and get paid in the process.

We feel EVERYONE is a Guru at something, so go on, make a post, and share your knowledge with the world!

Why use GuruFlare?
  • Try Something New

    Want to learn to ride a unicycle, or maybe a horse? Maybe take up mountain climbing, or learn to skin a fish? Search from 100s of experiences.

  • We Are All Experts At Something

    No matter who you are or what you do, you are an expert at something. With GuruFlare, you can share that talent with the world (and get paid to do it).

  • 1-On-1 Connection

    No more trying to figure things out on your own via endless online searches or video tutorials! Learn faster and easier by connecting with someone 1-on-1.

How GuruFlare works?
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  • Find An Experience

    Easily search through 100s of local experiences and connections (or 1000s of online ones).

  • Select your favorite seller

    By viewing their reviews, description, video, and pictures, you can find the perfect seller.

  • Have a great experience!

    There is nothing like connecting with an expert, 1-on-1, to show you the ropes (or get you to the next level).